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In order to make your wishes and dreams come true for your success, are you aware that 80-90% of whatever you do is related to yourpsychology and sub-conscious mind, whilst the remaining 10-20% works with the conscious or logical part of your mind?

This means that you can have a higher success for anything if you re-design and re-pattern your subconscious and conscious minds to make things happen. 

There are tested and verified principles to win “the game of life, and you can learn and apply these through our consultation, NLP and hypnosis sessions to maximize your potential and your success

If you want to be the best golf player around, you need to learn how to play golf and all of its rules. For life, it is the same principle, and as such there are basic principles and success recipes in order for you to become “the best version of youin your life. 

Additionally, bodywork, such as massage helps you ease stress and tension and bring relaxation and peace of mind, which is essential for you to live a successful, happy and fulfilled life. If your body is rigid and tense, your mind and approach to life will be rigid and tense.

Quantum Mind Shifthas successfully worked with people over a wide range of categories, including various psychologicalissues, values and beliefs, business development, career guidance, self-esteem issues, confidence building, fitness, and work enhancement.  We have enabled many people to shift their lives to adesired style and unlock their potential with happiness and joy. 

We treat a person from 360 degrees integrated mind and body re-patterning approach. We also have over 15 years of experience in corporate and business fields and can offer you support and customized services to meet both you and your staff’s needs with a great level of understanding. .

You will be fully supported and empowered through our integrated approach to mentalshift and physical well-being. 


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