BodyWork & Massage

Body Work & Massage 

Not only do we need to look after our psychology and sub-conscious mind, but physiology and physical condition also matter. For example, in order to havea positive and up-beat meeting for a successful negotiation, if your shoulders are hunched this can you lead you to physically feel very uncomfortable with pain and headache caused by the tensed neck and shoulders.When you are stressed mentally and emotionally, your body tends to stiffen especially the back and neck, and your blood circulation is affected negatively too. 

In our modernlife style, physical conditions are often neglected and accumulated physical issues could cause bigger issues later on. 

You can have our various massage treatmentsto maintain your physical conditions healthy. Light exercise advice is also available when neededafter a massage session.  Bodywork brings a warm relaxation and relieves pain and tension with gentle but firm pressure on your body. 

You can choose a type of a massage treatmentfrom below. 

  • Swedish Relaxation Massage if you would like to relax your mind and body. 
  • Deep Tissue Massage if you would like to have firm pressure and release pain and tension for better blood circulation. 
  • Indian Head Massage  – if you would like to clear up your mind chatter, stress and tension from your head and shoulders. (You will be seated on a chair for this massage) Office visit is available from the 2nd time
  • Acupressure Chair massage If you would like to havea massage on the chairmainly on yourshoulders, neck and upper back. Office visit is available from the 2nd time. 
  • Light exercise and life style advice – please contact us if you need additional hours for this.