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Coaching Course & Self Development – Empower Yourself

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Coaching Course (5 sessions)
You will learn the basic tactics of the “Rules of Life” consistently and how to approach your life to make changes, achieve your goals and to live happily. There are many tactics and tools taught in the course and you can see the outline below, the brief contents of each week. It can be customized depending on your personal needs and mental condition.

1st class– Review your Life and issues. Brief 20-30 min Consultation and Counselling about your life and issues is included. Fundamental and essential Rules (1) will be taught for you to see the overall picture of your situations and issues. Brief assignment will be provided.

2nd class – Review of Self, causes of issues, and patterns of issues and failed tasks –you will explore if you have any patterns that trap you making you unable to move in life, and find out your personality patterns. You will also review and find out what patterns and tendencies you use to feel and think at your emotional and mental level when you are facing issues. Rules (2) will be taught how to transform your situations and issues. Brief assignment will be provided. 

3rd class – Review your internal world and the process of making things manifest successfully. Rules (3) – What you really want and desire from your life, and how you can practicably achieve them and make them come true. You will also review if what you feel you want is what you really want, at an emotional and mental level. Brief assignment will be provided. 

4th class – Review your external world and set a goal to achieve what you want. Rules (4) – you will explore how to achieve your goals and wishes in companies, business and relationships. What is feasible and what is a recognized obstacle, your hidden enemy and other obstacles. For example, what is the concept of risk and fear. Brief assignment will be provided. 

5th class – Action stage. Rule Five – you will explore how to achieve your goals and wishes and set goals in order to achieve. You will also learn the pitfalls of reaching for success and goals emotionally and psychologically (Rules 5). Brief assignment will be provided. 

– Every 3-4 weeks. (1st session is 90 min, and the remaining session will be for 60 min each)
-Total 5 sessions @ £490
– By phone, or Skype if overseas.

Self Development & Life Coaching Testimonials

“I never understood that there are rules in life games. It is good to learn and apply them to my situations and to solve issues through a life coaching session. Eye opener, really!” (Female, 40s. Business owner)

“It is good to learn consistently what I can do and what principles I can use for my life.” (Female, 30s. Shop assistant)

“I had issues with an aggressive work colleague for years. I learned how to be assertive and tackle it, and my situation is completely better now. I have peace at work finally. Thank you.” (Female in 30s. Assistant)