Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage 


What isa Deep TissueMassage?
Most people develop some negative postural habits due to repetitive activities such as office work, driving, hard training and intensive physical exercise, dance, PC operations and more.  

Mental and emotional influences on the body are often underestimated as well. Stress and long working hours can graduallyaccumulate stress and mental fatigue, which can lead to imbalance your mind and body.

Deep Tissue Massage is the most popular and sought after treatment. It is a form of massage that focuses on releasing the deeper myofascial restrictions of the deeper muscles, tendons and ligament of the body.It works as a myofascial release as well.  

Deep Tissue massageemploys techniques to work below superficial connective tissue with the intent of breaking up old structural patterns and allowing the free flow of nutrients and oxygen to the blood. It applies a considerable amount of pressure, within the comfort zone of the client, to release tension from the deeper level.   

We use below techniques and ease your muscle tension and nods to improve your mental and physical conditions. 

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques and Its Benefits

  • Release chronic muscle tension through slow and deep strokes with more direct pressure or friction
  • Detect restricted, stiff, knotted or sensitive areas by determining the quality of muscle tissue.
  • Free trapped nerves, oxygenate poorly circulated areas
  • Allow the spine and joints to relax into alignment.
  • Firm pressure to release tension and pain.
  • Palpation
  • Trigger Point: clients often feel pain at the points as muscle fibres are stuck with pain and it can be a cluster. Therapist puts pressure on points to release tension and pain while you communicate how much pain is getting reduced or not to a therapist.
  • Neuromuscular Techniques
  • Hands -free techniques
  • Client posture analysis, if you would like. Please let us know.

Deep Tissue Massage Helps to

  • Dancers and athletes
  • Office workers with Desk work and PC operations
  • Individuals with chronic joint or muscle injuries
  • Individuals under stressful conditions, shift work and long working hours.
  • Unlike classic general relaxation massage treatment, our deep tissue massage enables us to focus on and treat specific problems. The most prevalent is the back and shoulder pain.Our Standard Full Body Massage includes below but we can tailor-made a massage to meet your needs;
    • Muscles of the Back
    • Muscles of the Neck
    • Muscles of the Shoulders and Arms
    • The Deep Muscles of the legs including Hamstrings, Illio-Tibial Band & Quads
    • Muscles of the lower leg such as the Gastrocnemius
    • Feet

    Regular massage provides various benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. Here are some examples.

Physical benefits (You can refer to the details on the Swedish Massage page)

  • Pain relief
  • Detoxification and better circulation
  • Alleviation of inflammatory conditions
  • Promotes flexibility
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Therapeutic abilities

Mental benefits

  • Allays stress
  • Reduces anxiety levels
  • Improved concentration
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood

Before and after your massage, you will have a brief 1-2 min consultation and feedback time.

Our massage will use a high- quality natural oil such as grape seed, apricot oil or coconut. It contains rich minerals and will help your skin to become soothed and nourished. If you have any allergies, please let us know in prior your session. Massage takes place on a massage couch, and towels are used throughout to cover your body.


  • 25 min or 55 mins·    While you will enjoy a massage from head to toes, your shoulder, back, lower back and leg tension and pain will be released and eased. You can have a longer massage on any specific areas to improve your condition.·
  • Fee: 25min @ £40 (after 15:00 on weekdays, @ £50)
    55min @ £70 (after 15:00 on weekdays, @ £80)

** 35 pounds Payment by Paypal **

** 40 pounds Payment by Paypal **

** 60 pounds Payment by Paypal **

** 70 pounds Payment by Paypal **

– Please let us know your two- three preferred time to book a session. Session venues vary on the nature of the therapy.

<Testimonials and Feedback>
You are so focused and have such a strong hand. My shoulders and back are so much better. Thank you.”
(Singaporean  male,  Racing, London, Feb 2017)

”Thank you so much for a deep tissue massage on weekend. I’ve really enjoyed it helped reduce muscle soreness caused by a heavy weightlifting session at the gym earlier that day.”
(Serbian male, construction company, Aug 2014)

‘So much better with my back and legs. I felt so strained from the back to the hip but it is much better now, thank you.’
(Russian female, office work, 30s, Dec 2016)

Thank you so much for a deep tissue massage. I’ve really enjoyed it and it helped reduce muscle soreness caused by a heavy weightlifting session at the gym earlier that day.”
(Serbian male, Construction, 40s, Feb 2015)

”Her hands were so warm and I thought she was using something like a heating device. Even after a massage, I was so relaxed and it was hard to get up from the treatment table. With firm pressured massage to all of my body, my back and leg tension from stress and work are so much better (British male, Banker, 40s, Oct 2014).

” My life is so busy with social and work, and I had pain in my back and lower back. After a massage, my shoulder is better and my body became so much lighter. “Australian female, finance, 30s, July 2014

”My back and shoulders are so tensed as I’m always so stressed. After a session, I was so relaxed but wanted to have more than one hour. (Italian male, business owner, 40s, Oct 2014).

”I was very stressed at work and the massage therapy was very relaxing and I didn’t feel like getting up from the table. Her hands are so soft and warm, very nice (Italian male, 20s, business analyst, Oct 2014).

Terms and Conditions
– Please read in prior your booking

When you book, we will email you the consultation form and ask your physical and medical conditions. Please fill in the form and send it back to us in prior your session.

  • Please avoid booking a massage session if you are pregnant 3-6 months.
  • You will be covered with a towel and keep your underwear all the time.
  • It is not a sexual massage and we will not touch your private body parts.
  • Please take a shower a day before or your appointment.
  • Please arrive 3-5min before as your session will be conducted as scheduled.
  • Advance booking is required.
  • When you book, please let us know: Your name, your mobile no, which session, what time and where with 2-3 preferred options.
    • Payment can be made by bank transfer. If preferred, Paypal payment is also available from this site.

Cancellation Policy

  • Bookings depend on the availability of time and space and can differ, depends on a date.
  • When you need to cancel, please contact us by email in advance till it’s confirmed (Text message may be delayed due to the network failure and please contact us till we reply you).
  • 50% charge will be applied within 48 hours (Minimum £30), and 100% charge within 24 hours of your booked session.