Meditation Class

Detox Mindfulness Meditation & Boundary Class
– for Stress and Anxiety Management with Peace of Mind.
– You can book this class anytime you want as a private class.
– If you are a corporate or a group, you can book it as a group session. 

Meditation is becoming more popular and more accepted as people started noticing its benefits. Many well known companies incorporate meditation for their well-being programs for employees and top universities have already published its efficacy already. Many neuroscience researchers also measured how meditation can change your emotional and mental state and reported it as a valid method to reduce stress and anxiety.

It’s been practiced for thousand years not only to calm your mind but also transform your conscious mind and subconscious mind.

Benefits of a meditation…

  • Reduce stress
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Relax mind and body
  • Clear mind clutters for better decisions
  • Revitalize your energy level
  • Decrease a risk of potential illness due to the benefits of deep breathing which moves the diaphragm and abdomen
  • Become more mindful of your body sensation, feelings and thoughts
  • May receive unexpected ideas and thoughts
  • and more

Research result of our Mindfulness Detox Meditation Method.
In 2010, Kei researched, tested and wrote a thesis on a Mindfulness detox meditation as part of her University’s Post Graduate Diploma Psychology degree course. She tested this  meditation intervention with 40 random female and male participants in London for 15-20 min  and found the results below from specific questionnaires issued to participants before and after the intervention;
– All participants felt relaxed and less stressed.
– Stress level was reduced on average by 23 %, maximum 63% only in 15 min.
– Most participants had a clearer mind as a result whilst couple of others felt a bit dizzy.

Kei, Senior Meditation Teacher, has offered this Detox Mindfulness Meditation since 2008 and successfully teaches this simple, easy to understand, but also effective and powerful method to many clients.

Many clients came back to her with feedback such as better health, better mental and emotional stability, better relationships, clarity in mind, better career, and more.

Benefits of attending this class

  • You will learn how to manage your emotions.
  • Your emotional and mental clutters will be cleared and you will be able to balance your emotions and mind.
  • You will be less affected by people’s emotions and expectations around you, especially negative energies.
  • Your stress level will be reduced and you will be able to get connected with your inner peace.
  • You can get grounded, feel happy and be at your centre.
  • Mentally you will be more stable and secure.
  • You can live a life realistically and positively.
  • Your mind and head are sharper and clearer.

If you are a masseuse, therapist, coach, hypnotherapist, psychologist, psychotherapist, doctors, nurse, or deal with many people…
– It is essential for you to protect yourself as a therapist from any negative energies and toxic words while you are dealing with your clients. You will learn the tools to maintain a healthy boundary and protect your wellbeing.
– Without protecting yourself properly, you may feel constantly tired, drained, insecure, anxious and physically tired.
– If you are an ‘Empath’ type, this class is essential to learn to keep you healthy and happy.

Outline of the Class
– You will learn the metaphysics and esoteric contents as well as hands on practical energy management in a consistent approach. 
– What is meditation?
– Benefits of meditation
– Types of meditation
– What Chakra is about. Its function.
– Auric Field.
–  Detox Mindfulness Meditation – Theory.
–  Detox Mindfulness Meditation – Hands on guided meditation practice.
– Standard Energy Protection – Procedures explanation.
– Standard Energy Protection – Hands on guided protection practice.
–  How would you protect yourself from difficult people.
– Healthy Boundary for you – psychology and emotional state maintenance.

In order to:
– be positive
– reduce stress, anger and be more relaxed
– clear your energy daily as self-maintenance
– be at the centre of your being at all times
– manifest your wishes and dreams into reality
– make sound judgments
– have peace of mind, and to be less influenced by external forces and events
– maintain your energetic health and then improve your physical and mental conditions
– not be intruded upon by others, thereby draining your energy.

Time& Day:
– Private session: You can book anytime at your preferred time. Please contact us with 2-3 preferred time and dates. Skype sessions are also available.
Group session: Upon request, we can arrange a group session/seminar.  Please email us with the number of participants, preferred dates. 

Fee – Face to face, Skype, UK phone
 – Length – 110 min
– Private Teaching – £190  by bank transfer.  £200  by Paypal.
– Group Teaching £ 160  for 2-4 people if you book as a group seminar by bank transfer. £170  by Paypal (For more than 5 people, it is £650+ as a group. please contact us)

Others – follow-up session
– If you would like to have a post-review & follow-up session to ask questions and practice over the phone, it is possible with an additional fee. It is 30 min at 30 pounds by phone/Skype.

– Please pay in advance by bank transfer if you live in the UK.
– From the outside of the UK, please pay by Paypal. 

– Please book in advance with payment.
– Cancellation & rescheduling policy:
—- 50% fee for cancellation within 48 hours of the appointment. Within 24 hours, 100% fee will be charged including re-scheduling the class.
– Please contact us by email as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Skype Attendance & PayPal payment:
 -You can pay through PayPal. Upon your payment confirmation, you can book a class.
– Please let us know when you would like to book with a couple of preferred times and dates.

I have issues with insomnia, severe anxiety for about 10 years and CBT sessions at NHS didn’t really solve issues. Since I attended the class  and learned meditating and protecting myself, I felt the sense of calmness instantly. I practice  this meditation and protection on me daily in the past 2 months and noticed I sleep well now and feel more safe and solid within me. I am not exhausted any more and my emotional turbulence is calming down.”
(European male, 30s,  Jan 2019, London)

‘Kei is by far one of the most beautiful practitioner and teacher. Balanced, warm and efficient in her approach. Recommend her highly. I received the class,which was very thorough in the knowledge and in the processes. I feel so much has shifted so quickly, Truly Amazing work! Thank you Kei.’
(English male, therapist, 20s, Jan 2017, London)

” It was easy to understand and I feel calm. ”
(English female, 50s, self-employed, Oct 2016)

”What she said at the class was what was going on  within me. I was so surprised.” (Japanese female, 40s, self employed, July 2016)

”I practice what I learned everyday and I could generate an amazing result related to my creative work. ”
(Japanese female, 30s, music, Seo 2016)

– “I can  now get grounded myself and am now less attached by bad energies” (English  male, in 40s)

– “I’m feeling better physically as I can now clear my emotions” (English  female in 30s, therapist)

– “I use what I learned in the class and clear my emotions. I feel better and  lighter.” (Japanese male in 30s, business man)

– “I feel healthier and lighter physically and mentally, and could learn about  chakras and energy. I will clear the energy by a detoxing meditation every  day.” (Japanese female in 30s)