Face to Face session only for now.
–  NLP: £170  (80 min)
–  NLP& 1h Coaching Combination/ hypnosis:£240 (135 min)
* With Paypal  payment is +4%

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic Programming.  We create memories from experiences coming through our 5 senses and languages, which programme our mind, emotional and behavioural patterns in our brain. In the end, this is expressed as our words and behaviours.

Therefore, NLP focuses on the process from the cause (experiences coming from our 5 sensors) to the results (current state), and transforms the underperforming mind and emotional patterns, belief system, undesirable memories and interpretations to more desirable ones. This is done using various NLP techniques such as the Meta model and Milton Model and more.

NLP can create the ideal state for you to maximize your potential and can deal with any issues and topics.

Since NLP works through words and neurology, it is highly effective to make a transformation of patterns you have and it can also release heavy and traumatic emotions with energetic effects.

1 NLP only session: You can have a pure NLP session, or can combine with others.

Combine with a coaching session/hypnosis.   If it is your first time, we recommend you to combine with a coaching session as you need to be fully aware of what you really want and what you don’t want.  This is because our mind is often influenced by someone else’s value and expectations. You need to be fully resonating with what you really want for your life clearly. Then you receive hypnosis, it works better as you know what you want to achieve aligning with your wishes.

Expected Benefits 
In order to get the life you want:
- Remove fear, emotional pain, worries, anger etc. and heal them
- Let go undesirable emotions and thoughts from past experiences and heal them.
- Realize what you, your body and mind are feeling and wanting
- Create the desirable emotional and thought patterns.
- Form new positive habits and mental patterns  and more.

NLP Session Outline, as an example
- Short Consultation
- Grasp where you are, what your issue is, and where you want to be
- Look at the cause and the current state, and its effect to your mind set and belief system.
– NLP and psychological applications through words and neurology. Create the desired results
–   Feedback

For further information, please read FAQ

Who is Kei, Your Master NLP Consultant?

Kei completed the psychology study in the Graduate Diploma course from the University of London in 2010, and has been deepening her study about people’s mind and behaviour over 20 years with psychology, stress management, NLP, coaching, Anatomy and Physiology, bodywork, self- development and Hypno to deal with various issues. She started studying NLP from 2010, and was officially trained to become a Master NLP practitioner by the Founder of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler.  (Picture taken with Dr Bandler)

<Terms and Conditions please read before booking> 
* NLP application and techniques are customized as needed for your session.
* Please note that NLP consultant will touch your hands, arms, face, knees, etc. lightly but not any sexual body parts.
* Please notify by email if you would like to cancel or change your appointment. Within 48 hours of your appointment, charge is 50%, within 24hours, 100%.

<Testimonial and Feedback>
”I could feel bad feeling, anxiety and fear around my neck and shoulders down to stomach was dissolving and gone in the end at the cellular level. Kei helped me to become who I am and her words was so powerful. I feel peace and happy”
(British female, holistic,  London)

”After the session with Kei. I felt that I was more expressive and confident. She helped me figure out what was holding me stuck from being expressive and going to the time it started. She then helped me let go of it and thus I’m being more expressive. ”
(Nigel, Maltese male, Travel industry, London)

“Coaching session made me realized that I wanted to learn something related to psychology. Following the coaching session, NLP was good as I felt I became calm and confident about my job hunting and interviews coming up. I could actually prepare well for the first interview and moved on to the 2nd interview. Thank you.”
(Maisie, British female, medical, London)

“I found the session very relaxing and soothing (to lower down the high stress level). And more importantly, some of the things Kei had mentioned were very honest and factual.”
(J. J., Indian British male, Doctor, 30s, London)

“I had an issue to receive money but after the session, I feel more relaxed about it.  She asked lots of questions to help me build pictures of how things could work. There is no more guilty feeling to receive money.”
(British Pakistan male, media, 40s, London)

“Wow, amazing! Calm and gentle voice. I’m so relaxed and feel more motivated!”
(Romanian female, student, 20s, London)