Audio Products

Our Audio products include deep relaxation, meditative and hypnotic techniques, with therapeutic voice tone and soft background music for quick and lasting changes. You can enjoy the benefits from the wealth of experience we have. Our meditative and hypnotic relaxation programme was tested through university research in London, UK in 2011. It was reported that the benefits below were found and our relaxation techniques were verified positively;

  • The Stress level was reduced by 25.7% on average, up to maximum 62%, and our relaxation technique evoked mindfulness.
  • All the research participants (subjects) reported they felt peaceful, relaxed and calm as a result.
  • Our relaxation technique improved participants’ Attention and Focus levels.
  • Our relaxation technique improved the State of Mindfulness, and the research found that if the State of Mindfulness level is higher, stress is more greatly reduced.

All our products include our above-verified relaxation techniques and induction in a very therapeutic tone for you to be indulged to a very comfortable state.

We use Digitally Mastered Recordings and Modern Studio Equipment

How to Purchase our Products
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– We will contact you within 1-5 business days with a product delivery by email.

Our Audio Products
1) Deep Relaxation & Stress Detox

Relax, Unwind and de-stress completely indulging in a dreamy state using our Deep Relaxation and Stress Detox audio programme

  • Our relaxation and stress detox programme was tested through university research in London and verified that 26% stress reduction on average, up to maximum 63% was reported. All the research participants (subjects) reported they felt peaceful, relaxed and calm as a result.
  • It is highly recommended to listen to the audio regularly for the first two weeks for maximum effectiveness and benefits.
  • Male voice in English (19 min, 13MB) – 14.99   GBP

2) Weight Loss Hypno

You can lose weight through our natural diet and positive suggestions instead of experiencing unpleasant and extreme restrictive diets. You can regain control of your eating habits and manage your weight as an outcome.

  • It is highly recommended to listen to the audio regularly for the first two weeks for maximum effectiveness and benefits.
  • Male voice in English (28 min, 13MB) – 24.99   GBP

With your Weight Loss Hypno Audio purchase, A 10 Step by Step Guide to Gain a Healthy and Attractive Body & Mind will be presented to you as a gift.

Weight Loss Hypnosis face to face session is also available.