Kei  Nishimura (MSc in Psychology, BA, MASC,  Ad.C.S, Dip in Hypno)

MSc in Psychology at University of London, Birkbeck in  UK
BA degree from Osaka University (of Foreign Studies) in Japan
Accredited Master NLP Practitioner by Richard Bandler
Hypno Therapist (Dip. In Hypno and Past life regression)
Accredited EMDR, Ego State Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapist (CBH)
Intl Coaching Federation Accredited Course completed Personal Performance Coach
Accredited Stress Management Consultant
ITEC 3 QCF Holistic Massage Therapist (Dip in Massage) & Deep Tissue Masseuse

– London, UK

Kei has studied psychology at a British Psychology Society (BPS) accredited university in London, and previously studied at universities in NY and Japan. She worked for foreign capital companies as a professional in banking, in the marketing field of financial and production industries over 15 years before starting as a consultant, therapist and a trainer officially. She had success with various projects in Japan, Europe, and America for a prolonged period.

With an imbedded ethic of work hard and enjoy life, she successfully developed her career, performed on dance stages, travelled to over 36 countries and enjoyed what life offered. After a life crisis, she was given a clue as to what she really wanted to do and found out the purpose of life and its meaning. This led her to leave the corporate career which she built up with passion, and transformed her life completely into an entirely different field. Currently, she works as a coach, stress management consultant, NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist and massage therapist, meditation teacher, trainer, and shifts people’s mind and values to fulfil their lives.

She has had rich experiences in life, corporate work and business. Utilizing these rich experiences in her career, business, love and relationships, she is able to provide practical career guidance, life consultation, psychological insights and stress management to bring changes in your life.

She offers a consultation for people to balance their life, and achieve abundance, be it through the material, mental or physical aspect of ourselves with a whole-person integrated approach, in order for them to gain peace of mind and happiness and live their lives with joy and abundance. She has an excellent reputation on practical and effective consultation in careers, business, finance, love and relationships. Her clients regard her sessions as insightful, effective and compassionate.

She offers sessions in both English and Japanese.

– MSc in Psychology at University of London, Birkbeck in UK.
– BA & Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology from University of East London.
– Regent’s university Post graduate Psychotherapy & Counselling Foundation course
– BA degree holder from Osaka University of Foreign Studies in Japan (currently Osaka University). North American and UK Studies in the English department.
– Study Abroad for one year at State University in NY. Political Science and Economics major.

– MASC Accredited Advanced Stress Management Consultant
– Richard Bundler Accredited Master NLP Practitioner
-Accredited Personal Performance Coach from the International Coaching Federation Accredited Diploma course (Diploma)
– Accredited Financial Coach from the Coaching CPD Standards-Office.
– MASC Accredited Life Coach
– UK GHSC Accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner(Dip. in Hypnotherapy)inc.past life.
Accredited EMDR, Ego State Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapist
– ITEC Level 3 Holistic Massage Practitioner (Diploma)

– Accredited Deep Tissue Massage Practitioner
– Accredited Hands- Free Deep Tissue Masseuse
– Accredited Indian Head Massage Practitioner
– Accredited Seated Acupressure Chair Massage Practitioner