Talking Therapy

Talking Therapy

We offer various private sessions and each session includes a short 10-15 min counselling or consultation time.  However, it may be short depends on your emotional and mental state. If you would like to talk longer about your situations and feelings and let us listen to you, you can book this talking therapy session.

You would be able to feel clearer, calmer after the talking therapy. You can book this session as a stand-alone 50 min session or add 25 min session in addition to any other private session you book. If you are a talkative person or emotionally need a lot of time more than 10 min consultation session, it is recommended to book this session.

For people
– If you want a professional therapist to listen to you and talk to.
– If you want to talk privately about your confidential or sensitive matters in a protected private space.
– If you want to clear your mind and emotions,

  • Since this is a talking therapy, you will be supported to become connected with your emotions and thoughts, and explorer what you are actually feeling, thinking and wanting. With this nature, we will ask you questions for you to explorer,  but  won’t give your any advices, suggestions, mentoring, nor coaching.

How to book
Please  book the Talking therapy session, letting us know the following information all together
– Your name
– How long,
– 3-4 preferred time to book, and
– Skype/phone/face to face –  together with your mobile phone and Skype handle name.

You can either pay by bank transfer or by Paypal. Within 3 days of your appointment, by Paypal only.

– 25 min. – 40 pounds additionally together with other session booking (by Paypal 45 pounds).
–  50 min session  –  80 pounds by bank transfer (by Paypal, 90 pounds).

Terms and Conditions
- Your session will be conducted as scheduled, so please arrive 5 min before and wait in the reception,
–  Cancelation & Rescheduling – within 72hours, 50%, within 48hours, 100% charge. Please notify us by email if you know you need to cancel or re-schedule soon.
‐ Your privacy will be kept confidential.